Monday, November 26, 2012

Final Proposal

There are times in my life when I’m surrounded by friends and family and I like to remove myself mentally from the situation and look at the small things that don’t seem to matter much, or get any attention at all. This can be something small of how the light is reflecting upon the wall or how an object sits lonesome by itself. Much of the time the things that I pick up on reflect a sense of emptiness, loneliness or something is missing or at lost. Yet it’s a tranquil and calm feeling given off much in the time when chaos surrounds it.

For my final project I want to take and capture these “empty” moments, for a week while I am surround by family and friends is the only time I will shoot. Capturing the moments in which I remove myself from the action. Exposing the overlooked in a chaos with these images.  I would like to take an approach to these with the photographic styles of Uta Barth in mind. The way she looks at space, color and light will be reflected within my work.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Project 3: Proposal

Maull & Co. (London) Portrait of a woman partially obscured by a drape  is my inspiration for this next series of work. Photographs of this type (carte de vistie) were much time used visiting cards otherwise known as calling cards, a wallet like size print (2x3in), that would be given to friends and family. This particular image is one that i found interesting, due to the fact that the woman in the image is faceless. I want to take the concept and turn it into a narrative playing off the idea of a woman being insecure about her body image yet her signification other wants her to  to flaunt her body to them. This series being made up of 3-4 images titled "she don't know shes beautiful". That push and pull of a womans insecurities and the way her significant other views her. The idea that original source images was original produce to give to out to many persons in contrast to the series that i produce would typically be something just between a woman and her significant other. I want this images to be shy and seductive produced in black and white with a softer focus and wrapped lighting in order to create a seductive, soft, elegant feel to the overall images.

Vintage photograph

Maull & Co. (London)
Portrait of a woman partially obscured by a drape
Carte de visite